Skepta Stays Striving, Stays Dreaming On ‘Konnichiwa’

Skepta doesn’t care about VIP, he’s got important places to be and today it’s frontin’ his new album ‘Konnichiwa’.

Getting straight on a level, the grime MC, producer and BBK man has finally unleashed the hotly anticipated album making it as much a home affair with featured grime MC’s JME, Novelist and Wiley, BBK, as well as locking in that long rumoured collab with Pharrell Williams.

No one can quit talking numbers, when it comes to Skepta, after clocking over 50 Million YouTube views for the singles ‘Ladies Hit Squad,’ ‘That’s Not Me,’ ‘Shutdown’ and ‘Man’, we all know ya’ll gonna be talking chart numbers and sales numbers soon enough. But for now quit talking numbers and get on track and into the tracks.

After hitting that live stream in Japan for a live Boiler Room shutdown in Tokyo yesterday, today we’re turning up to detox on Skepta’s 12-track album – go download it on iTunes now.