Skrapz States He’ll ‘Be Right Back’

Skrapz has been unusually quiet in the last year given personal issues outside of the music industry, but the North West Londoner is back with a new mixtape titled Be Right Back to hold the fans over. This latest project comes almost four years since the release of 2017’s Different Cloth – a long time in this current streaming era of music – so to say that the streets have been anticipating this one would be a gross understatement. Coming in at 10 tracks long, its brevity is equal only to Skrapz’s ability to sound smooth on anything, this facet to the Icy City Boy’s raps should not be forgotten. So, let’s get into Be Right Back as Skrapz aims to keep himself in our conscious with his late June release.

The title Be Right Back alludes to Skrapz’ recent absence from the rap game (and the limelight itself), aside from a Daily Duppy and features on Nines’ Crabs In a Bucket (‘Energy’), GRM Daily’s GRM 10 compilation (‘Faith In My Killy’) and D Double E’s Double Or Nothing (‘Ring Ring’). Led by the Haile-assisted ‘Real Like Us’ and ‘Jumpout’ featuring Nines, this two-piece shows that he can go from smoothly describing activities to using quick punchlines to deliver matter-of-fact raps. His laid-back delivery should never be mistaken for lethargy; at this point we know Skrapz’s pen stays sharp.

With features and production from Blade Brown, Carns Hill, Chucks, J Styles, Nafe Smalls, Show n Prove and more, Be Right Back boasts an impressive list of contributors. Although the mixtape clocks in at a brief 28 minutes and six seconds, from the sensual ‘After Hours’ to the pain-tinged ‘Daily Duppy Black Edition’ this tape has something for the core fans and more.

Skrapz’s Be Right Back is now available at all good digital vendors.