Sky Is The Limit For DrewMula In New Visual ‘Purple Clouds’

Black is more than just a colour, it’s the origin of all colours on the spectrum, and according to South London’s DrewMula no matter where you are along that spectrum you are a diet version of that. His new release ‘Purple Clouds (Diet Blvck)’ blends Afro flourishes with his Trapsoul sound. ‘Purple Clouds’ is DrewMula’s first drop as a soloist (having previously been a member of the group Open Late), and is all about surfing life’s waves in high def sound and style.

Produced by regular collaborator Lori from Nu Gen studios ‘Purple Clouds’ twists Afro centric melodies with deep Trap style bass in this rave ready love song about keeping your girl’s attention. Speaking on the ideas behind the track Drew says “We’ve all been there I’m sure, time is precious so you don’t want to give too much but she’s wavy so at the same time you don’t want to let go, she kind of switched up on you and acting brand new. She used to do the most, making you lose screws etc. but now there’s issues and you’re the one negotiating for some of her time. Difference is Drewmula’s got that Diet Blvck and it bangs so all she needs is a little bit and the cycle starts all over again.

In the visual directed by Nu Brand Felxx’s Boya Dee and Ruby, DrewMula embraces that ‘Diet Blvck’ in a wash of florals and colours that he says often transmit their own vibes, “flowers send signals all the time through their colours, so when you’re about and see a ‘devil in the blue dress’ (shout out Doneo) and she sending them signals, it’s the same things the flowers do hitting you with that Diet Blvck, drawing you in and if you’re on a cloud of that Purple stuff then those colours will hit you more making it harder to resist.”