slowthai Climbs New Heights With ‘Rainbow’ Visual

The slowthai tide is fast becoming an unstoppable force – a current cutting through the scene that’s engulfing us all. As his latest visuals drop for his new track, ‘Rainbow’, slowthai is once again cementing his rise as an electrifying new artist. 

In the new video, the ‘not white, but not black either’ rapper comments on society’s tendency to compartmentalise individuals according to their race, and use these distinctions as a method to enslave them. 

Sucking you in through a kaleidoscope tunnel, the video opens with a uncomfortable scene in which slowthai wriggles and squirms in a tight grave before clawing his way out, while encountering some feds, and transforming into a werewolf/ gorilla mash-up in defiance. slowthai’s gorilla form mounts Big Ben and stands high above the Houses of Parliament, emulating the iconic scene in which King Kong broke free from society’s primitive shackles.

The imagery is compelling, and his subsequent demise as he’s gunned down free falling through black empty space is chilling – its a raw representation of what happens to those who try to buck away from oppressive stereotypes. 

Check out the new video below: