SlowThai Isn’t Taking Us To The Endz He’s Taking Us To ‘NN’

For many that reside in the city, differing habitats aren’t always commonplace, towns are just branded a boring spectacle.
None more so than, Northampton, an area commonly associated with shoes, rural countryside and a stop off point between London and Birmingham.

Surprisingly enough the landscape Northampton possesses is far more than that of a few fields and trees. Take rapper slowthai for example. The Northampton native gives us his first offering for 2016, in the form of snappy track ‘NN’.

Extracted from his forthcoming ‘Bush’ EP, slowthai sets the wheels in motion with a fiery account of life in Northampton through his personal perspective.

Northampton isn’t just a town with a rich heritage and greenery. It’s a far cry from the general perception, trust me. ‘NN’ is just a snippet of the darker side of this town.”

For me NN is like a stick of dynamite, it’s got a short fuse, but when it’s ready to blow you’re certainly conscious of it. Slowthai’s self-production succinctly sits with his radical flow, and contagious temperament.

Slowthai urges you to grasp a fee for hometown. Throw Northampton into your sat-nav and pass through, this is NN.