slowthai & Mura Masa Face Up To The ‘Doorman’

2018 marked a monumental breakthrough year for Northampton’s crown jewel, wild rapper slowthai, leaving his impression on the UK music scene and beyond, and his name on the tip of everybody’s tongues.

As we welcome in the New Year we can see slowthai’s New Years resolution is to go bigger, better and harder than before as he and Mura Masa gift the exhilarating visual accompaniment for their punk track ‘Doorman’.

Directed by ‘The Rest’ , this video is inch perfect, encapsulating each individual element of the plot, leaving little to the imagination. Dripped in tones of classic British club nostalgia, the visual pulls references from the cult hit Trainspotting. You’ve got the whirring journey in the black cab to the club as the night begins; slowthai has the queue jump on lock as he barges his way past other revellers to step inside the rave.

Clean shots pan over the bathroom stalls as we see a less than glamorous shot of slowthai digging into the toilet for his pack of fags and falling into an underwater abyss on the quest for his beloved smokes. Quickly reverting back to his devilish ways, it’s a fast cut back to the shubbz, that sees skanking; a cigarette gets sparked; a bottle to the head and all hell breaks loose as the pack of doormen are on top of thai.

This video is exciting, and raw and everything you can imagine a night on the session to be like, if you were a part of slowthai’s clan. This is one rave you shouldn’t have an issue gaining entry too, you’re guest listed, the ‘Doorman’ is ready to let you in!