Sneakbo Brings In The New Wave On ‘Hurt Nobody’

It’s a new year again and alongside the rise in new gym memberships and new year resolutions, it’s a time to reflect on the things you did and how you could change for the better.

Last year was great for music. The potential for this year is limitless. It’s important for artists to capitalise on the attention that is on the scene. One artist that has been on the grind and is reaping the rewards is Sneakbo.

The South Londoner has been making bangers for several years. His hard work has recently seen him join the likes of Krept & Konan and Lethal Bizzle as a Virgin EMI signed artist. Just before 2016 came to an end, Sneakbo linked up with Afrobeats artist Sona and made a song to see us into 2017.

I just wanna be free, I just wanna live life / Had a bad past now I’m having good times

The result of the collaboration is ‘Hurt Nobody’, a tune that starts with percussions that make it hard to keep still. As the sound evolves, Sona sweeps in with a singalong chorus that will undoubtedly be used by the ladies for their Snapchat stories. The lyrics can be interpreted as a statement that addresses Sneakbo’s recent situation with the judicial system – after his wrongful conviction, it’s good to hear him in good spirits.

Sneakbo jumps into the first verse and reminisces about difficult times he’s experienced in his past. This includes losing a close friend, Ogarra Dixon aka Gorz. The Brixton rapper has dealt with the hard times and uses this verse to describe how he has started to turn negatives into positives.

Had to tell my broski that life’s a test / Now you’re back, show your talent ’cause you’re one of the best / I know it’s hard doing good when you’re from the ends

The positiveness continues into the second verse were Sneakbo speaks on the good things that he is now enjoying as a result of his determination. Rap music was always a great method of telling stories about the come up. Rising from your situations and making it to a place where you can offer others the motivation to carry on. “I’m happy now, I’m doing what I want / I can’t forget about the pain or where i’m from / I tell my youngn’s that the road ting’s long / When you feel like giving up, gotta always stay strong.”

‘Hurt Nobody’ carries a great message that’s encapsulated in great production by ATG Musick, changing up every 4–8 bars  to guarantee they’ll have the dancefloors moving us out of the New Year slumber.

Sneakbo has brought positivity with this new song. With the ‘Brixton EP’ on the way, it looks like the Jetski Wave is going to continue into the new year.