Snoh Aalegra Gets In Her ‘Feels’

Snoh’s contribution to music always gets me excited because, despite her very opulent cast of producers, she echoes emotions in me that I may not even know are there and with her recent offering, it’s no different.

‘Feels’ intentionally sets you up to float away in the atmosphere she’s created, a fluid and moody aura with light drums that demand a two-step. Her vocals are wrapped up in magnificent interplanetary, femme fatale quality that is emulated on the artwork

While Snoh’s narrative may be one reminiscent of Amy Winehouse’s she’s still got an identity all of her own. There’s a Motown element that morphs into jazzy currents and hypnotic textures making it impossible for you not to get lost in nostalgia.

Snoh’s delivery is sheathed in unformulated melancholy, certain darkness and mystery, almost familiar with the personification of a heartbreak that is poignant of soul-clenching tone and texture – produced by the legendary No.I.D, Snoh’s layers are retro and represent a space age influence

Although Snoh has been a little quite since her ‘Don’t Explain’ EP, this offering is more than enough to keep us fuelled till her mini-album set to land early 2017.