So The Apple Music Revolution Will Be Televised

Of course when Apple announced the launch of Apple Music and Beats 1 in June we were paying attention and since then we’ve been all eyes and ears to see what they have planned next…. and we may have to wait again.

The Apple keynote didn’t make any big statements about the ‘revolutionary’ Apple Music service or put in a stand alone presentation this time round but only showcased how Apple Music would feature on Apple TV. Eddy Cue previewed what we’re already seeing currently on the iOS and Mac with access to the music library, personalized playlists, Beats 1 Radio, and streaming service now extended to Apple TV.

What we also didn’t get were any big numbers about how Apple Music and Beats 1 had revolutionised the music industry in its first 3 months, and we all know they all have alot of work to do ahead. So no bets are off quite yet and everyone’s still in the game giving it their best shot – all saw yesterday was that the Apple Music revolution would be televised on Apple TV.

So what was the two hours of the Apple Keynote actually about? We saw the announcement of a slew of products and with the Christmas shopping season ahead Apple had only one thing on their mind to get people to reach into those pockets. So yesterday Apple gave us product launches and new versions of the iWatch, iPad, iPhone, accessories like the Apple pencil and the ‘new Apple TV’ hardware and software.

The highlights in a snapshot; the iPad just got alot bigger; the iWatch got a new range of new apps and wristbands; a new pencil for $99 – so you can do with Apple what you could do alot cheaper with pen and paper; a bunch of new apps with preferred developers from Microsoft, Adobe and more.

For music fans, it was a missed opportunity that Apple had hosted the World Premiere of The Weeknd’s No.1 single ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ at their last keynote and never even mentioned it. Instead we got a lacklustre performance from One Republic and of course ‘Twitter’ set off on a tirade about it. No we weren’t impressed with that either.