Some U.K Fire For The Rest Of The Evening

There’s some burners on the come up. While we check out whats going on outside the U.K, ever since those Drake co-signs for Skepta and Section Boyz, there are plenty heads watching what’s happening on U.K streets best believe.

It’s all about who’s next and who might just be laying out the groundwork to be the next big boss on the block. Every once in a while we’ll roundup some of the tunes and verses from ‘around the way’ that you might need to check if you aren’t already – in the end you get to decide who’s a potential contender for the big leagues.

Olami Still

The U.K Rap and Afrobeat scene is picking up strength with some pure bop-along beats and rhymes and newcomer Olami Still has something for the ladies but he’s a little worried about his pockets – ‘sexy girl in designer, she wanna spend all my naira‘.

Fabian Secon

UK R&B newcomer Fabian Secon’s has just dropped a remix for his track ‘Gold Plated’ featuring grime veterans Scorcher and Rocket. With Splurgeboys on production and a new video directed by Chas Appeti – the South London 18 year-old Fabian has some sweet R&B melodies and arrangements.

Stefflon Don

This British MC from the Eastside has been hitting em with a four, and going in on the Section Boyz banger ‘Lock Arff’ with a fierce verse. Stefflon’s poppin on this beat and when she goes hard, “Ting get sticky like patty and cheese”.

Piers James

Pier James, London based rapper and producer has been digging in those crates and bringing back a little of the ‘80’s Baby’ in his track from the upcoming EP ‘Green Screens In Visible View’.