Sonder’s Beautifully Slow ‘Too Fast’ Is Sublime

Sonder started releasing music quietly last summer, appeasing the R&B lovers with a few random posts on Soundcloud. In October last year, the trio, consisting of singer/songwriter Brent Faiyaz and producers Dpat and Atu released their debut EP ‘Into’ firmly cementing their place in the R&B world.

After the release of their debut EP, they then went on to do sold out shows in LA and New York (hopefully London will be next!). Now the trio’s recently released the video for ‘Too Fast’, makes their visual debut as the first single.

The visuals are a cinematic dream, which depicts the circle of life. The hued visuals are a reflection of innocence and represent the ups and downs of life. The visual documentation reflects the gentle modulations that are heard in ‘Too Fast”.

Directed by Noah Lee, the video is set in the middle of vast green valley in South California. Lee describes the video as a story of “birth, life, death and then rebirth”; it’s the perfect reflection of the cycle of relationships. Faiyaz takes the role of the protagonist, we see a young Faiyaz holding his beating heart in his hand whilst the soundscape of song speaks about heartbreak.

The R&B trio have managed to create music that evokes feeling. Brent Faiyaz’s voice caresses the almost surreal production by Dpat and Atu. The strings in the song give it that cinematic feel; combine that with Faiyaz’s voice and you will be immersed in the impeccable sonic journey of Sonder. The trio effortlessly mixes the old and new sounds of the R&B genre. They’re able to add their own unique touch and keep us guessing. When it comes to Sonder there is a sense of mystery you never know what’s coming next and that’s what makes them exciting. They have the ability to make music that connects with the listener on an emotional level, which is breath of fresh air in R&B.

Immerse yourself in the Sonder soundscape with ‘”Too Fast”