Spread That ‘Good Love’ from Brasstracks

A new calibre of formally trained musicians are setting the stall for a live renaissance in sound and if you’ve been hitting the right festival circuits as of late, it’s unlikely to be a best kept secret for too much longer.

This new generation of live session musicians are fuelling a renewed appetite for big sound albums fusing contemporary electronic production with deep jazz/funk, soul and hip hop. On a next level, standards are being reset with groups like Phony Ppl, Donnie Trumpet and The Social Experiment, BadBadNotGood and saxophonist/vocalist Masego, all who’s contributions are creating an insatiable appetite for feel good music.

Two years into the scene and already making waves, are the New York production duo Ivan Jackson (trumpet) and Conor Rayne (drums) aka Brasstracks. Cementing their credentials with brass induced musical finesse on tracks like ‘Am I Wrong’ for Anderson .Paak and Chance The Rapper’s ‘No Problem’, Brasstracks have officially made their arrival.

To launch their debut EP with celebratory attitude, Brasstracks and Masego bring some good love with some jazz/soul greatness in their new single ‘Melanin Man’ which also features on the newly released ‘Good Love EP’. ‘Melanin Man’ features Virginia raised and Brooklyn based Masego channeling that Stevie vibe with some uplifting self-love “I can see you’re a fan, My culture is your new trend”

In the first stages of creation,” Brasstracks say, “’Melanin Man’ was inspired by Earth Wind & Fire, Sly & The Family Stone, Stevie Wonder.., Early soul music that captured our hearts as kids. We sent it to Masego and he wrote some extremely catchy lyrics and melodies with some really deep undertones to them… when we heard the first version of it with vocals, we realized this tune was the missing puzzle piece from our EP.

Masego adds: “‘Melanin Man’ was inspired by the words of an Uber driver in L.A.. Before I got out of the car he said, “They’re scared of you young man. You’re a king and they all know it. They want your culture, your soulful element and your style. You’re Melanin Man, a super hero. Be safe out here.” As time went on, tragedy after tragedy occurred, police, blacks, whites, youth, were all part of the war. I didn’t want to become desensitised to it so I went back to the principles of a hero of mine, Kendrick Lamar and what he said about love. I want to promote self-love in efforts to heal the hate. Melanin is the shine in us all and that’s why it’s not just for my people but all people.”

‘Good Love EP’ is a start to finish funky affair with an impressive set of singles including the previously released ‘Get Your Way’ featuring Roses Gabor, ‘Good Love’ feat. Jay Prince and ‘Telling The Truth’ featuring Lido & Father Dude. Listen to the EP below and spread the ‘Good Love’ far and wide;