STELLA’s Got A Brand ‘New Toy’

STELLA’s stirring up something and although it may seem she just fell out of the sky, this San Francisco born, New York based singer/songwriter isn’t about to be anyone’s ‘New Toy.’

Some may consider her a new toy on the block, but she’s a chip off the old block, as the daughter of one of the greatest guitarists of all time, Carlos Santana. But STELLA’s dropped the famous surname to keep the focus firmly on her and only her, and is defiantly determined to make it difficult to wrap her into one sound or style. On ‘New Toy’ she’s got us curious enough to want hear more of what she’s got coming next on her debut album ‘Selfish’.

‘New Toy’ gives us a taste of the depth and texture of STELLA’s sentiment delivered with a quirkiness that works into her light as air vocals floating over production from Jared Evan (who’s also featured on Allan Kingdom’s latest ‘Northern Lights‘).

STELLA’s appearing live at the Old Blue Last in London on Feb 24th, something tells us this might be one of those gigs that we won’t want to miss.