‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’ Solo Project Is Here

I am not sure what we’ve done to deserve this but if the purpose this year of The Internet’s members is to gift us with solo projects for the pleasure of multiple eargasms – then please go ahead.

Following in the footsteps of founding members Syd (‘Fin’) and Matt Martians (‘The Drum Chord Theory’), 18 year old Steve Lacy, the youngest member of the group has released a six part song series called ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’. Featured already as a producer on J. Cole’s ‘4 Your Eyez Only’ ( “Foldin’ Clothes”), on KaliUchi’s ‘Only Girl’ and being credited as the lifeline of groove and growth to The Internets ‘Ego Death’, it’s safe to say Steve Lacy is more than ready.

Lacy’s hybrid of sounds, eclectically impossible yet uncompromisingly perfect, put him on a different scale of musicianship. As a vocalist and guitarist we see those skills elevate to the forefront on ‘Looks’, on ‘Thangs’ we experience multiple sound waves with a mixture of Frank Ocean and Odd Future, and on ‘Haterlovin’ we get a completely different sonic experience. It’s deeply rooted in hard drums and percussion, repeating “just as much as I love I hate you” – therapeutic in a way yes but also demonstrating his versatile creativity as a producer and vocalist.

Creatively made entirely on his iPhone in GarageBand, Steve wrote, produced, mixed and mastered the project. His vocals captivate you on ‘Some’ with a touch of alt-soul that pulls on your heart strings, almost uncontrollably. On ‘Dark Red’ we get a sense of Steve as an emotional partner pleading to his other half and it’s a truthful and heart wrenching delivery – the what ifs of all that could be but isn’t.

The demo sets some definitions on who he is as an artist and musician, but it also gives you a refreshing feeling that music at this level isn’t set apart with just one genre, it’s a collection of feelings through sounds. If a demo is used as a reflection of what’s to come, then ‘Steve Lacy’s Demo’ is a future I am all for.