Stormzy Goes In On ‘One Take’ Freestyle’

Idris Elba may have headed to parliament to take on the TV industry for it’s lack of diversity, but Stormzy’s headed a little further afield to put some bars to another #problem or two.

Coming straight outta Japan with his first freestyle of 2016, Stormzy addresses a question we’ve been asking about why the #BritsSoWhite, as well goin’ on dark about the donuts and fuckboys who think they can end his career and for the final jab coming back at Dillian Whyte, after his claims that “Stormzy wouldn’t dare say ‘shut up’ to my face”.

Now you wanna start with us, that’s embarrassing
What? None of my Gs nominated for BRITs?
Are you taking the piss? Embarrassing
But I’ve got the force like Anakin
This year, I’ll let that slide, stop panicking
But next year, I’m going on dark
Like wah gwan, is my face too dark?
Last year, they told the mandem that to be nominated
You’ve gotta go on UK charts
So what do we do? We chart
Don’t come here with your lies, don’t start
Deny our ting I’ll take you, calm
Deny our ting I’ll bark

This is Stormzy’s take over the Ghetts x Rude Kid instrumental for ‘One Take’, go check that video above.