Is Streaming Getting Too Crowded?

The Music-industry is now knee deep in negotiations with multiple streaming partners as a new wave of Tech Titans are vying for subscriptions. This could be the year that changes the whole landscape of the music business as we know it.

Newly joined in the race is Amazon Prime who alongside Apple Music, Jay Z’s Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play are attempting to crush each other, question is will there be room for any other new contenders, who else’ll be brave enough to even enter this race?

According to Hits Daily Double, Apple Music has now surpassed 10 million subscribers in the first 4 weeks although the subscriptions will only really kick in after the 3 month trial period ends. But more interestingly its also looking like the slew of Hip Hop’s finest featuring on Beats One Radio may actually be having a major impact on the streaming side on Apple Music with insiders also claiming, that the ‘streaming numbers notably on a couple of cutting-edge hip-hop titles are actually competitive with Spotify’s.’

As things start to get fierce, it seems that Apples competitors are now picking over the fine-print of their App Store agreements – and are asking why is Apple still taking a 30% cut of apps which include music subscription services – its a win win all round for Apple and Spotify aren’t happy.

Prepare for a continued media and pr assault through the summer and beyond as Apple don’t seem to making any plans to take the foot off the pedal as they launch a major tv campaign in the U.S around the MTV VMA’s  – we’re expecting a war for world domination – who thought music would be so dramatic!