Supporters Are Streaming Nelly Out Of Debt

What do you do if you’re in debt and end up with an IRS bill owing 2.4 million dollars?

Fortunately, we live in a digital world, interconnected by cables and wireless protocols built to drive business and revenues for big corporations. But let’s not forget the internet was also created as a platform for imaginative people to build something on. The internet still has the power to harness people into stealth mode and work in unison to leverage their influence and they’ve taken to music streaming platforms on one mission, to support one artist, in a tactical attempt to keep away the bailiffs.

St. Louis rapper Nelly hit a spot of bother recently when it emerged that he owed millions to the IRS, and for an artist who’s gone down in history with a diamond selling album that’s just a terrifying thought. The situation has struck a chord with his supporters worldwide who are using an ingeniously formulated plan to get him back in the black. The hashtags #SaveNelly #HotInHerreStreamingParty and #HotInHerre are currently running riot on social media after a writer at Spin got his calculator out and figured if Nelly received between 300-400 million streams he would receive enough money in royalties to pay off his debt (depending on which tier his music is placed).

Playlists have now appeared on Spotify and Apple Music with his hit single ‘Hot In Herre’ repeated multiple times. It’s a brilliant demonstration of fighting the financial infrastructure which has seen some artists refuse to have their music in the streaming catalogs.

Streaming giant Spotify pays artists somewhere between $0.006 and $0.0084 per stream, and although it may not look like a lot of money, if supporters manage to stream a Nelly track 402,880,500 times, it might just work. When you multiply it by the amount of people who danced to ‘Hot In Herre’ throughout the summer of 2002 and beyond, it’s got the potentional to transform into a very large cheque to the IRS and motivate Nelly to find a new accountant.

You can help stream Nelly out of debt via Spotify and Apple Music