Suspect Says It With His Chest

If you went out to a club last year, chances are you witnessed the entire venue shout the lyrics to ‘FBG’ by South London rapper Suspect OTB. The street anthem had everyone forming circles flexing their creps to show they’re not tired. His energy bounces around on the track and escapes through the speakers as it vibrates the crowd.

Coming from his latest project ‘Loading’, Suspect has entered 2018 strong with his new single ‘Say It With your Chest’. I came across this video while I was editing and it immediately grabbed my attention. The initial instrumentation sounds something like a haunted xylophone. When I looked up from my laptop to the telly, I was presented with a weird point of view of Suspect lighting his zoot and shouting the chorus into the phone. Directed by BAFIC and Hector Dockrill, who have created visuals for Jorja Smith and Stormzy, the music video for ‘Say It With Your Chest’ is an interesting interpretation of a typical hood video. The camera angles and compositions all make for an engaging experience. The first drive shot especially made me reload the entire video.

Suspect has once again proved that he can create a song that will result in a vocal response from the crowd. His bars within this song touch on scenarios where people use the separation of the internet to say whatever they want. Well, Suspect is here to remind you that, “Anything you said, you better mean that”. As Suspect encourages people to be open and say what they mean, he also offers a reminder that there are the consequences and repercussions if you decide to chat reckless.

It’s the video that brings it to another level with the mood and use of light to match with the beat and the excitable character of Walworth Road native. The creativity of the video brings an element and listening to track will increase your energy levels and prepare you for what to expect from Suspect’s forthcoming project expected this year via Rinse.