Sway Gets Into It With Young Thug

With Slime Season 3 now ready to drop on the 5th of Feb, expect yet more and more useless clickbait articles but remember there are only a few who manage to get that time with Young Thug or in the case of Semtex bring him to the London stage for his first U.K first ARRIVAL.

Making a surprise visit to Sway in the Morning, this is one interview with Young Thug thats essential viewing, as they get into it about family, fashion, beefs and Kanye, and if you know Sway you know he still brings in those interviews that go straight to the heart of any hip-hop matter.  With curiosity still at peak level about anything related to Thug alot of their conversation gets to the bottom of rumours and controversy, touching on family matters, beefs and whether the rumours about Thug appearing on ‘Swish’ are true.

Describing “Kanye’s like ‘50 Shades of Grey‘, he’s interesting“, there’s only so much Thug could say about whether him and Kanye had a collab in the works as Kanye had him sign all kinds of papers.

With no confirmed date for ‘Hy!£UN35’ release, Sway put it the way it is now – “people don’t have release dates no more” they just drop it and so everyday, all day, all eyes are on Young Thug who’s keeping the material coming constantly.