Swet Shop Boys Do A Number On ‘Zayn Malik’

If you haven’t clocked this yet, maybe it’s time for Swet Shop Boys to hammer home the message that being a ‘good immigrant’ doesn’t come with perks.

Dropping their video aptly a week after Trumps inauguration and on the same day he signed an executive order to block immigrants with a wall, Swet Shop Boys are back with the visuals to ‘Zayn Malik’. Taken off their first studio album ‘Cashmere’, the video for ‘Zayn Malik’ addresses issues that young Asians face today but instead of cowering in a now Trumplethinskin era, Swet Shop Boys are straight up bolshie.

Incase you aren’t privy, Swet Shop Boys are comprised of 3 members – Heems (formally of Das Racist fame), Riz MC (British Actor and Rapper) and producer Redinho. The tabla-heavy beat infuses modern day influences (is there a little ‘Next Episode’ influence there  Redinho?), with the oh-so-familiar old skool Bollywood sound as well as Qawali. Riddled with intricate word play ‘ Fresh back on the boat, I’m like the brown Marcus Garvey’, the duo pay dues and name-drop the likes of Andre 3000, Classic Bollywood film ‘Dil Se’ and popular sweetshop Ambala.

Swet Shop Boys will be performing on 1st June at Scala in London.