Swiggin & Swaggin In London With Post Malone

Hypnotised by “White Iverson”, immersed in the saucin’ and swaggin’ – Post Malone’s performance at Arrival in London proves that you don’t need to have a huge back catalogue of songs to perform sold-out shows across the atlantic.

Post Malone is undeniably one of your favourite, rapping-singing musicians at the moment. His accession and entrance into the hybrid Internet-world of hip-hop meets R&B has been insanely fast. This time last year, little was known of the Dallas musician. Prior to the release of “White Iverson” on Soundcloud in February, he had about 400 Twitter followers. Since releasing the enchanting “White Iverson” Post Malone has now amassed over 35 million views on the official video on YouTube, and now has 120K followers on twitter. Post Malone is proving he’s not just a one-hit Internet sensation. Nine months, 4,745 miles later he’s away from his hometown, performing a debut sold-out show, to a 250+ strong crowd at Birthdays in East London.

Entering the stage to Stone Cold Steve Austin’s WWE theme song, rocking his signature braids, gold teeth and diamond rings, Post Malone looked every inch a rapper. Bellowing a ‘Whats up London’ into the mic, Post Malone commanded the stage before launching into the hit that appears to have casually created his rap career, ‘White Iverson’. A tidal wave of phones lit up the crowd, each inching closer and closer to the stage to catch a glimpse of the White Iverson.

London knows how to show love, Post Malone’s hit, embedded with basketball references hailing one of the greatest basketball players of his time Allen Iverson, was sung, rapped and danced, lyric for lyric. Let that sink in. Basketball isn’t one of the biggest sports in the UK. Shit, I didn’t even know who Iverson was prior to Post Malone. But there he was, 20 year old Post Malone, delivering one of the biggest hip-hop hits of the year. Fans were dancing, snap-chatting and singing along. Post Malone was essentially born out of the Internet age – followers on social media needed to see Post Malone live in the flesh too. The energy of the fans was crazy.

Swigging from a can of Budweiser, Post Malone laughed; ‘Hey I’m old enough to drink here London!’ Thanking the crowd for coming and supporting his music, he dedicated the next tune to the late A$AP Yams, then he launched into his second hit ‘Too Young’. Again, Post Malone was met with cheering fans reciting the lyrics word for word. Post Malone has a relaxed care-free vibe to his performances, he swags around the stage tipping his hat off now and again, in his own vibe to the music.

Without a strong back catalogue of songs, I was curious as to what exactly Post Malone would perform, and if he would deliver. Performing a further 3 tracks before reloading his seminal ‘White Iverson’ – Post Malone showed you don’t need a huge back catalogue of tracks to feel the love in a live overseas show. From the energy of the fans, and his rocket speed career so far, it is clear Post Malone has a strong future ahead of him.