Swindle’s Mad Mission From Country to Country

Swindle has been on the road, traveling by planes, trains and automobiles, touring across the world over 2 years and with all that travelling now done, he’s made music and he’s called that new project ‘Peace, Love & Music’ – we can only presume that all that travelling was pretty damn positive.

This is a global album in the true sense, not only because it reflects his global journey but also epitomises our global experience of music. Inspired by all the musicians Swindle’s met and worked with and all places he’s been, bringing all of that together through one album reflects many spirits from across the world into one project and one message of peace and love through his music.

Swindle kicks off with Grime roots in London popping a riff with JME on ‘Mad Ting’, heading further across the country to Mungo’s Hifi outfit out of Glasgow and then back down to Bristol laying down a track with TC, and a 16 bit intro from Joker.

Crossing the channel, Swindle heads to LA hanging out, meeting and making music with Ash Riser and then heading over to the infamous Sub.Mission in Denver to make a track dedicated to the party.

Crossing continents, Swindle then touches down in the Far East represented via Tokyo and the DBS crew, The Philippines with Malasimbo and the Electric East crew in Shanghai.

Jumping another continent to Cape Town and then back to Europe to link up with the Guerrilla Speakerz crew in Amsterdam Swindle finally heads home to get cosy with his Swindle Live family: Terri Walker, Joel Culpepper, Jay Wilcox and his Dad, who plays guitar on the Outro.

You don’t need to get on a plane to live through his journey, just get into the album and check him out live right here in the U.K


Peace, Love and Music is available now on iTunes.