Syd Back With Bonus Track ‘Treading Water’

Syd Bennett of The Internet continues to be in a generous mood. With the success of her latest solo offering ‘Fin’ and the bands Grammy nominated ‘Ego Death’ – Syd’s still dropping us more bonus’ with another new track ‘Treading Water’.

Produced by Steve Lacy (band member) and lucrative Internet collaborator Flip Colson, Syd talks about the idea of promiscuity on the first date. In a society where it is perceived to be fairly normal, Syd feels she may be alone on that front. The groovy love stricken and mellow sounds of a relationship that may be going south, Syd tells us— “I’m in trouble now, I done fucked around with your heart / It’s a struggle now / Should have never messed with your love, sugar / Now the question is / Do I wanna sink or swim?”

However she also gives it up to the girls who goat the same way she does —“One time for the girls that don’t/Let just anyone rock that boat/All the ones who know that/They’re legit, confidence, gotta show that/Two times for the guys that wait/He ain’t heard back in like three, four days/ He’s just tryna figure you out.”

Sharing with her fans that it was her “favorite song on Fin” — one could speculate that the reason this joint was cut from the ‘Fin’ album is due to it being an instrumental from Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s ‘Selfish’.

Listen below