Syd Is Back On ‘Always Never Home’

During a long editing session, what do you do when you need to release your brain from the tension of choosing colours to apply on shadows of images you’ve shot earlier that day? I’m a photographer so in my case, scrolling through the timeline gives me the few minutes of respite that I need to recalibrate and sweet surprises when I find new music.

During a long tour, what do you do to break the cycle of long nights on the road? In the case of Syd, she records a few new songs and drop a new EP ‘Always Never Home’.

The Internet’s songbird Syd has dropped 10 minutes of a musical journey through her life as a touring artist across three new songs. As the title suggests, a successful artist will ultimately have to endure days travelling away from home, separated from close ones.

In ‘Moving Mountains’ Syd sings of the strains that a music career can put on a relationship and what it takes to make it work, Syd then uses her voice to softly express the freaky things she wants to do to satisfy her carnal desires on the track ‘Bad Dream/No Looking Back’.

Presenting one of the strengths in Syd’s musical arsenal, she’s aware of her effect when it comes to sexual encounters, and very clear on what a situation is when she can’t afford to make attachments. Closing off with the final track ‘One The Road’, Syd references bags of dirty clothes and sleeping in her tour van, bringing home the realism of life on tour. Just before the first minute passes, the beat switches to a bass heavy skeletal soundtrack where Syd uses a deeper tone to stunt on her musical achievements.

This ain’t new, check the catalog
I’ve been giftin’ niggas, call me Santa Claus
If he get to trippin’, turn the cameras off
I can get you lifted, call me Adderall

This EP is more or less perfect. In just 10 minutes Syd supplies pure musical fulfilment. This is the definition of an EP. While some artists drop 11 tracks and call it an EP because they’re scared to call it an album, Syd is content to create a narrative, theme and cohesive sound that gives you a taste of what she’s constantly cooking up in the studio. Personally, as I listen to this for the 6th time whilst writing this, I’m at the table, knife and fork in hand, salivating for the next course.

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