SZA Walks The Talk In ‘Supermodel’ Video

You can’t deny being enraptured by Solána Rowe, aka SZA striding elegantly in panties through an enchanted forest in her new video.

The Nabil directed video for ‘Supermodel’ debuted exclusively on Apple music and is a magical fairy tale of revenge and renewal. SZA is sprinkled with fairy dust as she hits back at a mocking ex shooting firecrackers at him with her trigger fingers. SZA’s no holds barred, straight up confession rips opens the seams of a past relationship relaying a personal tale of betrayal, rounded off with an emotional tide of insecurity and loneliness.

“I’m just getting ugly. All my dirty laundry is on the line. There’s a song where I talk about sleeping with my ex-boyfriend’s friend because he purposefully left me on Valentine’s Day, which will be the first time he hears about it.” 

It’s the opening letter to SZA’s hotly received ‘CTRL’ album and a fitting introduction to all her love digressions.