T.I Goes Back To The Element On ‘Check, Run It’

It’s a 911 according to T.I who dropped a new single, ‘Check, Run it’, to tease the release of his forthcoming 10th studio album, ‘The Dime Trap’.

The Atlanta rapper proves that he’s a man of his word with both ‘Check, Run It’ and ‘Project Steps’ (the first teaser song released back in March), announcing in an interview with HHS1987 and MovieWeb that his new LP would be, “Unapologetically gangsta,” and taken back to his roots: “back to the element of where my music first began to interest people, and build it all over again.” He’s vowed to avoid the maelstrom of mainstream smash hits like ‘Blurred Lines’ with this record, claiming that: “You don’t go and try to top ‘Blurred Lines’.”

League of Stars produce a very trap influenced beat, complimenting and paralleling with T.I’s flawless, and at times Young Thug-esque flow, and even pinching various obscure Thugga adlibs and lingo such as ‘SHEESH!’, ‘TCHEE!’ and ‘HAA!’.

It’s already been a successful year for the 34 year old in terms of acting, featuring in two blockbuster films ‘Get Hard’ and ‘Ant Man’. Let’s hope Tip’s work ethic and talent in the film industry is reciprocated in his new project.

Listen to ‘Check, Run It’ below and look for the album drop on the 10th of October.