Ta-Ku’s Confidence Peaks On ‘American Girl’

As one of the most respected producers out there and undoubtedly ranked as a premium beat-maker, Ta-ku has never been shy about just making beautiful music, but till now he’s been a little shy about throwing himself into his work – quite literally.

On the recently released rework of Estelle’s ‘American Boy’, Ta-Ku’s confidence is peaking and he’s added his vocal stylings to the stunning track making this the 2nd time he’s throw down a vocal with Wafia. Spontaneous, unexpected and a much welcome surprise – Taku explains how it came about – “American Girl started as a joke when I was watching old Kobe Bryant highlights and Estelle’s ”American Boy” was the soundtrack. I really wanted to make a stripped back #emotional version that would play on its really great melodic structure. I reached out to my lovely friend @Wafia to sing a duet with me & mustered enough courage to jump on the first verse.”

On a self-interview featured on his VSCO Journal alongside photos from his photographic hiatus, Ta-Ku talks in detail about the process going into making his recent EP ‘Songs To Make Up To’. The Australian producer has been all about new beginnings, new perspectives, and new friendships, and his recent collab with Sango and JMSN on ‘Love Again‘ captures the essence of that journey. He may come across self-deprecating about being corny, but Ta-Ku simply wears his heart on his sleeve – “For me ‘Love Again’ was basically learning to be ok with yourself again, I feel like when you go through trials, and struggles and especially if you’re going through relationship problems and you’ve had your heart broken, sometimes you feel like a piece is taken from you because you invest so much time in that person within that relationship or in that whole sectional period of your life is taken. Sometimes it feels like you’re not the same person you used to be, sometimes it feels like you can’t do things without that person and I felt like it took me a a long time to realise that while relationships are important, romantic is what pretty much dictates our lives, it’s ok to be on your own.”

‘American Girl’ comes ahead of Ta-Ku’s U.S tour – sit back and enjoy the soulful vibes below.