TailrMdeLvn Lace Some Pre-Drinks Before The House Party

Enter Tailr.Mde.Lvn, the South London collective and their carefully crafted blend of old school hip-hop and nu-school R&B. They’ve been bubbling on my Soundcloud for a minute, and now they’re back with ‘Roguè / Lights Down Low’.

While Tailr.Mde.Lvn prepare for their up and coming ‘House Party EP’, they’re gearing us up for the wave with a double track called ‘Roguè // Lights Down Low’. The first part of the song, ‘Roguè’ has this distinctive 90’s R&B vibe to it. Sampling Alina Baraz on the chorus, it is matched with deep, husky raps, creating a dope balance of sensual R&B and gritty rap.

Speaking to TalirMdeLvn via email, the whole idea behind ‘Roguè’ is celebratory: “The song came together through the collective efforts of TailrMdeLvn, Jacari Cam, Lowkey, Mayumi Coco and Skits. The idea behind Rogue was more about the celebrating of life at that moment as me and my bro had been in and out of hospital for the past year and a half, so the high energy and feel to the song and overall ‘House Party’ project that has been put together, is more about us just glad to be making music again while feeling free.”

The second part of the tune ‘Lights Down Low’ behaves as a hazy, trippy inspired outro, one set to get the house party bouncing. Throw in some solid drums, throbbing bass and some facetious wordplay into the mix, TailrMdeLvn, have yet again, created this wicked combination that fuses the extremities of hip-hop and R&B, this time, nicely packaged in the form of ‘Roguè // Lights Down Low’.

You can listen to this one on their ‘Pre Drinks Before The House Party‘ playlist that combines ‘Roguè // Lights Down Low tracks’ and the nostalgia inducing ‘Jodeci’. With the ‘House Party’ EP set to drop in Spring, lose yourself in this one: