Take In Sipprell’s ‘Journey’ To Find Love

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been repeating a particular song on Ralph Hardy’s compilation, ‘Growing Pains 2‘. The Melo-Zed produced ‘Broken Ground’ introduced me to a singer who’s made me press rewind on numerous occasions. Sipprell, a singer-songwriter from South London has this elegant flow that just glides over different sounds demonstrating her varied tonal range.

Following on from her 2015 release ‘Letter D’, Sipprell has started to create something so assured that it’s bringing back that soulful feeling. In ‘Journey’, Sipprell connects with frequent collaborator Ragz Originale, along with Alaistair O’Donnell and Benjii Flow to produce a song that charts the journey of living through a situation that makes you feel you’ve lost control.

“Flawless mistake. All that I learned. I learned the hard way”

Opening with the guitar solo, Sipprell narrates the story with an enchanting voice taking you through the stages of loving someone, feeling that desire to change but being held back by a sense of loyalty. Rising on her chorus, Sipprell channels that familiar truth, when a relationship is heading nowhere but you still feel a glimmer of  faith that there’s something else out there that can satisfy the longing for love.

“Cruel as the rain / But how do I leave when you’re all I crave”

Soft melodic bass tones carry you through the first half of the song bringing the focus to the lyrics so eloquently sung that every element of the sound finds it’s place and is brought forward just at the right time. Background vocals harmonise during the second verse and add another dimension of sonics while the production meticulously draws you deeper into the song.

“This road to nowhere, falling asleep at the wheel / what else lies ahead, only the truth can reveal”

Closing with violins, whilst Sipprell has written a song about someone who feels stuck, the final words of the song ‘love won’t let me down’ show that all hope is not lost. Sipprell’s songwriting quite literally takes you through a ‘Journey’ of human emotions accompanied by beautiful instrumentation and it resonates with lasting effect. Listen below and take in Sipprell’s ‘Journey’;