Taking ‘Six Paths’ In Getting To Know Dave

Not the ordinary concept expected from an 18-year-old music artist, Dave recently dropped his EP ‘Six Paths’ reflecting some motifs of deep meaning. Emotionally stimulating like no other, the EP clearly voices the story that has shaped who he is now; from a young local boy, to a figure inspiring a whole nation of youths through every single lyric.

Dave has now released the video to ‘Six Paths’ – instantly revealing a different side to the Dave that we’re getting to know – someone more powerful, exposed as a dominant young figure. With great significance to the title of the song, Dave expresses his individual journey through life and the tough realities that he’s been faced with. Inspired by the well-known anime Naruto, Dave enforces his play on words to create an image of the different paths he has been faced with.

Dave took a different turn to the video with a total focus on himself and his story rather than telling his story through other characters. A sinister sensation builds up throughout the video, reflecting Dave’s past, its potentialities and absolutes. The cemetery based music video seems intense and strenuous in its perspectives yet expressive in its symbolism. A testament of his character.

With only a slight sighting of AJ Tracey, we lose sight of the reoccurring image of his friends bringing all focus back to Dave. A definite highlight within Dave’s release of the EP; A ‘Hard Grime’ touch to both the video and track.

‘Man took so many different risks on so many different days’

Produced by Fraser T Smith & 169, the video is directed by Dir. Lx, check out the visuals to ‘Six Paths’ from Dave above.