‘Tell Your Friends’ The Weeknd Ain’t Messin

Is this some dark twisted fantasy or has the Weeknd simply figured out how to put out the right mixer with a little help from Kanye West.

The Weeknd just dropped a new video for the Kanye infused ‘Tell Your Friends’ and it’s a straight up reminder that this is the same guy we heard back when he was ‘High For This’. Uncompromising, he’s keeping it pure but ready to go for gold or more like Platinum in his case and take what’s his – ‘I don’t drink my liquor with a chasin’, And money is the only thing I’m chasin’. This is dark back to back film noir style double bill where the video features two tracks from the forthcoming album ‘BBTM’ – ‘Tell Your Friends’ and ‘Real Life’.

Until he released the pop hit ‘Love Me Harder’, the New York Times had wondered whether ‘in a sense, Tesfaye had been a no-hit wonder: a cult act with millions of devotees and almost no mainstream profile.’ But now, there’s no question the hits are the key to his stardom and Michael Jackson has set the benchmark for the Weeknd,  just like it did for Kanye who also declared in the NYT  “I knew when I wrote the line “light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson” I was going to be a big star.

The Weeknd is ready to live his destiny and declare ‘I absolutely wanna be the biggest in the world’ and he’s telling you to go ‘Tell Your Friends’ about it.

Beauty Behind The Madness is out Friday.