Tempa Demands Your Respect

Whilst London has dominated the Grime scene since day, the presence of other UK cities and their ability to produce top artists is ever-growing. Birmingham is now one of the most prominent, with the likes of MIST, Lady Leshurr and JayKae just to name a few.

Now, it’s seemingly time for Birmingham based MC, Tempa, to take his spot on the stage, after the release of his new single, ‘Gimme Respect’. The Swifta produced track provides a seemingly perfect rhythm for Tempa to exert his dominance and aggression throughout, putting a stamp on the game and demanding the respect that his so far, promising career, probably deserves.

Whilst the scene in recent years has proven to be nothing but a positive safe-haven for artists to get along and support each other, despite a few hiccups, this new wave of artists, including Tempa, are bringing a hint of more competitiveness along with their sounds, and it’s arguably, what we need to take things up a notch. The aggressive, candid track is accompanied with visuals of the man himself rolling through his hometown of Birmingham, from abandoned garages to high rises to house-parties, spitting directly at you with his crew.

Having grown into one of the most prominent Birmingham Grime artists, the future looks extremely bright and promising for Tempa. Despite being almost 10 years deep into the game, since he first started to flirt with the scene, the rise of Tempa is more exciting than ever, and now is the time to give the respect he deserves, but more interestingly, demands.