The Art of Design Documentary Coming to Netflix

From the shoes we wear, to the cars we drive and the buildings we see, the way we see our world is influenced by the art and design we encounter day to day. In a new documentary, you’ll be able to get inside the world of eight of the most creative thinkers and designers working in art and design today.

The new Netflix original documentary series, Abstract: The Art of Design, will feature the artists: Bjarke Ingels (Architect), Christoph Niemann (Illustrator), Es Devlin (Stage Designer), Ilse Crawford (Interior Designer), Paula Scher (Graphic Designer), Platon (Photographer), Ralph Gilles (Automobile Designer) and Tinker Hatfield (Nike Shoe Designer).

In this months Wired, the editor in chief and creator/executive producer of the documentary Scott Dadich, explains how “Abstract will help you understand the future by seeing the intent behind the objects that surround us—and the beauty in the decisions that led to them.”

Abstract will be screened on Netflix as an eight-episode documentary series about creativity and the visionary designers who shape the world around us through their disciplines in architecture to illustration, cars to typography.

The trailer below features clips from some of the eight featured designers from stage designer Es Devlin renowned for her work with Kanye, to Nike designer Tinker Hatfield talking about the process of designing Air Jordans. Exploring their creative processes, the documentary will link their innovative designs and their impact on our every day lives.

Abstract: The Art of Design screened it’s first episode on 21 January at the Sundance Film Festival, and will be premiered on Netflix February 10 in the US.