The Art of Organised Noize Hits Netflix

Way out in the dungeons of the dirty south, a sound was in production that generated a legacy spanning over 20 years in Hip-Hop, running deep into the veins of Atlanta.

With double centenary anniversaries rolling around by the dozen, understandably there’s no better way to relive the moments that made history through documentary or books – the latest essential documentary is ‘The Art of Organized Noize’.

Screening as a world premiere at SXSW Film last week, ‘The Art of Organized Noise’ is directed by Quincy Jones III, the son of legendary producer Quincy Jones, and produced in association with Queen Latifah’s Flavor Unit Entertainment. Charting the rise and fall of legendary hip-hop and R&B producers Organised Noize, as the secret sauce behind LA Reid’s La Face label, the trio produced some of the biggest hit records of the South in the 90’s from Outkast, CeeLo, the Goodie Mob to the Dungeon Family.

The Organized Sound could best be described through the title of Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, a soundscape that was distinct, experimental and purely soulful funk laced dirty music.

Filmed on location in Atlanta, Oakland and Los Angeles, the documentary features interviews with music industry stalwarts like Andre 3000, Puff Daddy, Future, Ludacris, L.A. Reid, 2 Chainz, CeeLo, Metro Boomin’ – all defining the influence and impact of Organized Noize.  Rico Wade, Sleepy Brown and Ray Murray made up the producing trio whose ear for music transcended all expectations to dominate the mainstream chart records in the 90’s for artists like TLC, Brandy and En Vogue, and many more.

Now making a second coming, with ‘The Art of Organized Noise’,  the documentary film chronicles the history of Organized Noize who’s rise and fall became a lesson that has inspired and driven the Southern hip-hop scene into a dominating force on a global scale. According to an interview with Rolling Stone, there is the likelihood of a multi-part album ‘that will include unreleased oldies and new material with a wide range of collaborators — André 3000, Big Boi, Goodie Mob, J. Cole, Snoop Dogg, Talib Kweli and Wiz Khalifa.’

Leaving a lasting legacy for future generations to follow, the DNA of Organized Noize is imprinted in the dirty south forever.

Arriving on Netflix screens today in the U.S, watch this space for the U.K Netflix release date.