‘The Becoming’ Of CallMeTheKidd

Hailing from North London, CallMeTheKidd is fairly new on the scene. TheKidd released his debut EP, ‘The Becoming’, back in September, the content of which is still permeating public consciousness.

The project itself draws on an eclectic range of sounds – blending R&B, hip-hop, disco and pop into a four-track sequence that is definitely worth a listen! Recently, the EP’s title track and absolute standout has been given the visual treatment. Produced by TheKidd himself with cinematographer Emmanuel Boadi, ‘The Becoming’ is a classic coming-of-age tale; the visuals flit between cliff-side ruminations in Dorset and intimate studio sessions in London, providing the perfect backdrop for his introspective vocal performance. ‘Since I was a young one / I knew I was different / Anywhere I Went to / Everyone would listen’, he croons wistfully.

The sonics are brilliant too – warm stabs and flourishing leads flutter in sync with TheKidd’s short, snappy bars and sharp intonation, generating a seamless blend of vocals and synths that will be sure to lift your spirits.

So, basically – start bumping this video before everyone else does and if you haven’t already check out his EP below;