The Code Colour ‘Blue Electronica’ With Sex & Serenity

These guys are definitely breathing in some majorly seductive vibes, for a mixtape that titles itself as ‘Blue Electronica’, and an artist-producer duo named The Code, they seemed to have unlocked a new sensory high.

Releasing ‘F**k‘ and ‘Sedative’, should have prepared us for the full depth of what artist-producers The Code were intending to let loose on their 12 track mixtape ‘Blue Electronica’, but its here now, and there’s only one way to listen to this – turn the lights down low cos you’re about to go deep.

The Code have declared they don’t adhere to one genre and just ‘make what we want’, we’re sensing there’s a renewed pining for a luscious future forward R&B sound, and while it’s not our thing to make lazy comparisons or box artists in, The Code are definitely pushing a sound that aligns smoothly with that other sound camp – OVO. While the Canadian camp reset the levels with Roy Wood$Majid Jordan and recent signee’s DVSN, we may not quite have a British camp yet but when we’re at the precipice of a new wave of British music.

Still shrouded in mystery, we’re content for The Code to let their music do the repping for their homegrown high, but it won’t be long before we’ll be able to get a sneak peek at the duo as rumour has it we might see them sooner than you think. The Code take us into another direction moving away from ‘old soul’ sounds and into a dreamy intoxicating future fix and it’s long overdue – “To us and to many blue is the colour of the sky at its clearest and the sea at its purest. Blue Electronica is deep in the spectrum of music, having its own field from minimal to trance, the drugs, the lights, the sex and the serenity.”  

Blue Electronica requires a lock in, spark up and down low kind of mood – go unlock  ‘The Code’.