The Code To ‘F**K’

‘It’s what fucking feels like’ according to The Code and it’s just what they do, nothing more to it – it’s as stripped back as it should be and straight to the point.

Delivering a trifecta, complete with the previously released tracks  ‘Electronica‘ and ‘Azure‘, the newly revealed ‘F**K ‘, will collectively be appearing on the forthcoming EP ‘Blue Electronica’ from The Code. Spacey R&B soundscapes, blended with an electric autotune vocal layer, The Code are skilful in letting their production glow in the light of their lust. 

Intoxicating to say the least, their sound showcases their creative versatility, the duo proclaim they have ‘no genre stated, so we make what we want’,  and now they wanna ‘F**K’. Anonymity may be taking a leaf out of The Weeknd’s book, but while contenders step up vying for the space that’s left open, The Code may not be ready to let the enigma around them go quite just yet. Rest assured they’re too busy trying to defy ‘Gravity’, and with over 3.6 million plays alone of that collaboration with G-Eazy, we’re content to let them keep us floating.

The British artist-producer duo, The Code have much to offer and the preview of Blue Electronica  has already got us electrified.