The Cool Kids Finally Return With Maxo Kream For ‘Running Man’

Now this is a reunion and collab that made me smile from ear to ear. The return of The Cool Kids! The rap duo teamed up with Houston’s Maxo Kream for their comeback track ‘Running Man’.

If you’re not aware of who The Cool Kids are (or were) then let me give you a quick update. Cast your minds back to mid 2000’s, when MySpace was in full force, converses were the go-to trainers and pockets of hip-hop sub-genres and crews were emerging. Now enter The Cool Kids, the Chicago duo, made up of Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish, who rose to fame with their alternative blend of hip-hop and garnered a hefty fanbase too. They released their debut, and only album in 2011, ‘When Fish Ride Bicycles’ then closed their musical endeavours in 2012 *sobs*. Back in July, their hiatus was announced as over, and now we have the first material post-hiatus, ‘Running Man’.

Rapping over a menacing beat, with eerily like synth, with pure rap braggadocio. While it looks like the pair are set to be releasing a project, entitled ‘Special Edition Grand Master Deluxe’, very soon, for now, immerse yourself in the raps of The Cool Kids.