The Day Beyonce Turned Black

Saturday night was all about the coming of Kanye West on Saturday Night Live, and the release of his 7th studio album ‘The Life Of Pablo’, closing off a week that not alot of people saw coming at the scale that it did.

But before all the Kanye controversies, came the day the world lost it’s mind, the day Beyonce turned black, the day of the Super Bowl performance last Saturday, when she got in ‘Formation’ fuelling an apocalypse where they ‘lost their damn white minds’. Beyonce made news with word of protests, petitions and panic! And SNL put a ring on it with a hilarious clip of the white widespread panic on ‘The Day Beyonce Turned Black’.

If you didn’t catch the coverage, check out the spread in the Murdoch owned British tabloid The Sun on the February 10th 2016, declaring that Beyonce’s performance was “one she might live to regret”, leading to a petition on about the editorial coverage.

The Sun

It’s the day white people never saw coming! The day Beyonce turned Black

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