The Depth Of Kendrick On Dre’s Compton

This is no doubt one of the most powerful and hard hitting tracks off the album ‘Compton’, and the pleading desperation of Kendrick’s drowning scream on the opening of Deep Water is spine-chilling.

A thundering baseline and haunting tone underline the shift from MC’s to Singers on Deep Water as the track switches up from Kendrick to Dre to Justus to Anderson .Paak to Marsha Ambrosius.

Switch it up before my enemy or the sheriff got me

Twitter has already lit up about Deep Water‘s lyrics and is now rife with rumours that Kendrick’s verse contains a deeper diss to Drake. Are we witnessing a new level to the beefs that have stirred up spirits across Hip-Hop? Whatever the specifics, the deeper meaning of the track are a sombre and stark tale of what it takes to rise out of Compton’s shark infested waters.

Pst, this is about where I’m fom
I think it’s time to take these niggas to the deep water

‘Deep Water’ is a phenomenal track of intense depth, this is classic Dre, this is Dre at his prime. And with the lyrical dexterity of a vivid storyteller, Kendrick marks himself apart as he delivers stellar verses across all three of his features on Compton –  ‘Genocide’, ‘Gone’ and ‘Deep Water’.

Compton is out now on iTunes