The Erykah Badu Effect Always In Effect

With Erykah Badu out and about doing the run of promotion leading up to the imminent release of the Thanksgiving weekend release of her ‘But You Caint Use My Phone‘ mixtape, there’s been a hot vibration or two on that Badu frequency.

The inimitable Queen, said it best herself on her Breakfast Club interview “I’ve always been a non-conformist of sorts”. Erykah Badu doesn’t fall into any category of sorts so better not try and tag her with that ‘neo-soul’ moniker because she’s inventive in her own right. The new mixtape cover art and track listing has been revealed with a sound frequency that Erykah Badu describes as  “sympathetic vibration” with the goal of bringing peace and tranquility to its listener.

All we can say to that is ‘Bring it on Badu’!


3.Cel u lar dvice
4. Phone down
5.Mr tele man
6. U used 2 call me …
7.U don’t have 2call
8.Phone number
10.I’ll call U bk