The Impact Of Putting Yourself On In

Sometimes all we see is the stage and rarely understand the grind that gets put in to take the stage and stay on the stage.

Last year, UK Music  brought together a select line up of people from the music industry including Little Simz, Semtex, Twin B, Maya Jama and others to talk about everything they know and everything we need to know about what it takes to get into the industry.

While today we know the focus is on The Brits and where the music industry is heading in terms of the diversity debate, making an ‘Introduction to the Music Industry’ is sometimes all it may take to plant the seed for someone to get out their and put themselves on. The event which took place in partnership with British Black Music was designed to engage young adults aged 18-25 into considering careers within the music industry.

Today a new video profiling some key takeaways and tips from the talks can be seen below featuring some insight about what it took for people like DJ Semtex, Twin B, Maya Jama and Little Simz to carve their path into the industry and take centre stage.

Here are some highlights from UK Music Presents: ‘Introduction to the Music Industry’ Event.