Shakka The Lost Boy Escapes To ‘The Island’

From the first bass-line, the junglist percussion creeps in under the sounds of British vocalist Shakka as he starts his new EP ‘The Island’ with Jamaican dancehall musician Mr. Vegas.

‘I Love The Way’ is a brilliant way to introduce the latest release from the multi-award-winning artist. Carrying on from his previous EP, ‘The Lost Boys’, we were left with the picture of escapees from the tribe jumping to their freedom. As a result, it seems that they’ve reached their destination and it’s now documented in Shakka’s new release, ‘The Island EP’.

This latest release encapsulates the essence of the artist that is Shakka. A British musician that continues to include his West Indian roots into his music. A great representation of the eclectic nation of UK underground music. From Jungle to Grime, Caribbean music continues to be a big influence and ‘The Island’ includes elements of this and joins it with instrumentation and Shakka’s twang to bring you right back to British music.

God bless a grime yout’ inna London / For now we rave in our own mother-tongue slang / Shanghai, New York love the accent  – I Love The Way

The singer-songwriter’s new project shows his refreshing artistry and an honest reflection of his experiences in the city of London. With features from Wretch 32 and Giggs, Shakka aligns himself with the best in the game. ‘Inner London’ speaks on the increasing gentrification that has become more prevalent while ‘Turn Off The Lights’ uses a Latin-inspired flavour to accompany Shakka using his unique way to serenade a lady.

But I was born, raised and grown here / Like carnival, i’m going nowhere – Inner London

The two-time R&B/Soul act MOBO winner has returned with varied topics and music that keep our bodies moving through the winter months and into Spring. ‘The Island’ is a great export to show the world the creativity that exists on this Great British Isle.