The Mantra Of Zero Fatigue For Smino & Monte Booker

Flying over 3000 miles across the North Atlantic Ocean, Chicago residents Smino and Monte Booker had delivery in mind: Zero Fatigue. The result? Energy on level 100 at East London’s Moth Club.

High energy was guaranteed at Smino and Monte Booker’s debut London performance at Moth Club last night. With opening DJ’s set from Hiko Momoji  and Siobhan Bell, emitting those breezy trap and hip-hop vibes, a night, void of anything but joyous energy was underway. With Monte Booker setting up his laptop, Smino, dressed in a denim jacket, and a Zero Fatigue branded hat, entered the stage. For the crowd, loosely scattered across the room, he had one request: “If you love your Momma – come forward“. The crowd in unison moves forward; Smino is confident and is bursting with a likable energy that you can’t help but take forward.

Smino_MonteBooker-020 feat

“Zero Fatigue” is not just a life motto, it’s a collective, and a very sick one too. Opening with tracks from Smino’s December released project, ‘Blk Juptr’, produced entirely by 21 year old Monte Booker. With impressive clarity and diction, Smino performed his raps with agility and pure showmanship, on multiple occasions I stood there thinking: damn this dude is good live! Which isn’t all too common in artists on the cusp of their growing career. Speaking directly to the crowd, with Monte Booker smiling in the background, Smino would say to us, “say Zero Fatigue“, in a variety of melodic tones and voices, a joyous crowd echoes “Zero Fatigue” back, like a mantra we live throughout the entire performance.

We were also a lucky crowd too, sharing two exclusive tracks with us, one alongside Soulection’s Sango, and another Monte Booker produced track, entitled ‘Ricky Million’ – named after an alter-ego of Smino’s. From the start to finish, the crowd danced to Monte Booker’s euphoric beats and and sung along with Smino’s melodic verses and raps. On two occasions Smino joined in the crowd, while performing ‘Zoom’ Smino walked through the crowd, creating jumping mosh-pits with his fans.


‘Zero Fatigue’ isn’t just the name of the collective, it’s a mantra, but also exactly what was experienced during their debut European show. Now Smino, Monte Booker and the gang are enroute to France. Paris, Zero fatigue awaits you, and it’s damn good too.