The Mavericks In Moscow Who Created ‘Animals’

When DJ Premier set out on a ‘Stay True’ journey to Moscow what he didn’t know at the time was that he was ultimately destined to meet Anderson .Paak and together they would eventually collaborate to create ‘Animals’ with Dr Dre.

The story about how ‘Animals’ originated, started from a trip to Moscow for ‘Stay True Russia’, and led to the trio of DJ Premier, BMB Spacekid and Anderson .Paak, collaborating on an entirely different track called ‘Til It’s Done’ – a headnodding joyride through electro-funk and hip-hop, topped by Anderson’s ever-capable vocal acrobatics.

Ironically it was the spare beat from that same session that destiny had intended would end up on Dre’s album ‘Compton’, and when he heard it – he asked DJ Premier, .Paak, BMB Spacekid if he could rework it into ‘Animals’ and bring in King Mez. In an excerpt from our interview with DJ Premier, he told us about the journey that led to him meeting Anderson .Paak and working with BMB Spacekid;

Anderson .Paak my man, and shout out to BMB Spacekid from Moscow Russia too, thats actually how the record originally originated it was a beat that I did for Boilerroom TV out in Moscow, when I was in Russia for a project that I supposed to do with MF Doom and Doom got sick and couldn’t make it. They told me we could get a singer to replace him and I was like who is it and he said ‘Anderson .Paak’ and ‘I said ‘I’ve never heard of him’ and he was like ‘yo let me send you a link of some of his videos and if you don’t like him we’ll find somebody else’. He sent me a joint called ‘Suede’ that Knowledge had put on there and produced and he’s on Stones Throw records, shout out to Peanutbutter Wolf. From there I flew out to Moscow and met Anderson and you know he’s from the West Coast and he jumped on another record we did a joint called ‘Till Its Done’, but the beat that we put on for ‘Animals’ was just the first beat that I did and we just decided which one we were gonna roll with and that one was just a spare beat that we had.”

‘Animals’ is considered one of the standout tracks on ‘Compton’ next to ‘Deep Water’ and it was a genius twist of fate for DJ Premier and Anderson .Paak. After hearing the background behind the track, we simply couldn’t leave it at that, we had to find the other cut that came out of the session in Moscow ‘Till Its Done’.

We’ve now got all eyes on BMB Spacekid, the 26 year old producer Dmitry Semenov, who’s also an affiliate of the labels Soulection, FatBeats, and most notably the new label from the UK, The Full Hundred.