The Message In Dave’s Music

What are you saying? What do you stand for? What are you doing for the youth? Your wins are cool, but they’re short term. You made a bit of money and that’s cool, but unless you have substance that shit will dry up and you’re back to square one.

Regardless of a role, we all bare a moral responsibility to bring through the next man or woman, to improve our surroundings, our environment. To look out for our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters. Raise our families. To inspire and empower the generation next, rather than condemn the generation lost. Yeah i’m preaching, and its not considered cool to say these kind of things, but this is the only way that we will make it.

That guy in the white house talked about the ‘Audacity of Hope’ back in 08′, but it was all a dream. Not even that, it was a marketing campaign that got him elected. His achievements a debatable given that a new civil rights movement emerged in order to address the issues that he didn’t. Kendrick said ‘We’ll be alright’ but we really wont unless we start pushing our own agendas. Push the positive, reinforce the idea that there are other ways, that you can be all you want to be, encourage some kind of self belief. This is the only way that we will survive.

“I try so hard in my tracks to give a message”

Dave’s lyricism cuts through. It invokes a very real feeling, he stirs an authentic audacity of hope that is rarely heard anywhere else. The South London native is a powerful, relatable voice of the voiceless. A much needed opposition to the negative that can help the youth navigate the roads with a bit more clarity. He will encourage more voices to follow his lead and inspire his generation to achieve greater things.

They say music is all we have, and if the message is in the music then at the very least it is our responsibility to amplify it and support the positive. Spread the messages as far and wide as possible, do whatever it takes to make sure that Dave and artists like him stay painting pictures like this.

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