The Wait Is Over Last Night In Paris Get ‘Close To You’

It’s already been a fast and furious year with alot of new U.K music catching waves and we’ve been impatiently waiting to hear something new from the British collective LNIP since they dropped their video for Pure.

Wait no more, Last Night In Paris have finally hit us with a new track ‘Close to You’ ahead of the forthcoming release of their new EP, PURE in November. “We’ve been sitting on this track for around a year and thought it was time to give our supporters something new.”

‘Close To You’ features LNIP members KC, Taurean Roye and Collard on vocals lacing together a laid back smooth R&B soundscape around their smoked out raps. We’ve fully immersed ourself in our next EP Pure and realised we had everyone waiting so we’re dropping a couple tracks a month until the EP lands.” Production comes courtesy of CLBTS and rising London based producer and LNIP member Fwdslxsh.

The word is that the next drop could be a collaboration with Bonkaz – so don’t sleep after Last Night In Paris, there’s more to come.