THEY. Get It Right In Their New ‘U-RITE’ Visual

We told you we weren’t messin’ with our #17OnTheFrontline selection. Since we rolled out the 17 new artists you need to be checking in 2017, a lot of y’all been telling us u-rite!

THEY. may have been the final artists to feature in our Cover Story series, but mark our words THEY. are far from last in the frontline. First up with their official new video for ‘U-RITE’, Dante Jones and Drew Love aka THEY. have managed to get us in the rite mood for the weekend. Add to that the levels these guys are putting out there with their first visual and we’re in the rite frame of mind to be feeling pretty amped for their forthcoming debut album, ‘Nu Religion : HYENA’ out February 24th.

“This is a new agenda we are trying to push, we want to be alternative, we want to blend different genres together and take little pieces of what we like and fuse it together.”

Read the full THEY. Cover Story here and check out THEY’re new video above. Get ready to bounce to this one – it’s going to be a big tune!