‘They Never Knew’ About Daniel OG

The fact that a co-sign means everything and nothing is exactly why U.K artists should give a co-sign – if you rise, we rise, but ‘I still rise‘.

Whether you felt the need to go solo or roll with a clan, in one year alone Grime MC’s have understood the power of a co-sign and what it’s meant for the scene. Debatably Kanye’s co-sign at the Brits, may have meant everything and nothing for the Grime scene, but without the grind and the music there is nothing. If industry gatekeepers are still intent on shutting certain artists out, the co-sign can mean something – but in the end you still decide if it means anything and then go tell the rest to ‘Shut Up‘.

For Daniel OG, Skepta’s co-sign has just widened the glare onto something that’s been part of a bigger ‘plan‘. Making all the plans in the world mean nothing till you put it out there and let it do the work – and for Daniel OG right now it’s working and he’s keeping it coming. Now WTF is NUGRIME you ask –  ask Daniel OG and this is what he says; “NUGRIME is Grime, but I’m not your typical grime artist, I blend together a broader range of influences such as, 2000’s-era R’n’B and Hip Hop, into my production style and lyrics.”

So while you go and debate the merits of grime vs nugrime and all else in between, lets keep it moving forward people. Something about ‘They Never Knew’ isn’t Grime and it isn’t U.K Rap, but this beats got a bounce and Daniel OG’s riding it with a rolling flow and we got a feeling that more co-signs just might be on their way.

There’s a plan is in action now – and Neverland Clan have got more than music in their plan, their limited edition ‘Art Attack’ Polos are currently on sale so go grab em quick while there’s still a few left, they’re only available at the Neverland Clan website.