THEY Pay Tribute To Nirvana On ‘Rather Die’

Its becoming more and more common for artists to push genre boundaries with their music – but less common to find combinations that work. Enter LA. duo THEY. Since gracing the music scene last year, the pair have brought nothing but fresh vibes, successfully blurring these boundaries to produce unique sounds.

Following on nicely from their genre diversifying EP ‘Nu Religion’ – which features elements of Hip Hop, R&b, Trap and Rock, the pair hit us with a new track – ‘Rather Die’, which pays homage to the late Kurt Cobain, providing a contemporary twist to Nirvana’s ‘Polly’ as their smooth vocals are laid over a sampled chord progression. Naming Cobain as one of their most prominent musical inspirations, the rock star’s influence is also evident within their lyrics – simple but significant.

“I’ve always felt that it’s important for an artist to pay tribute to what first inspired you.we were vibing out on guitar and started playing Polly. its just one of those riffs that hits you from the first moment you hear it. before we knew it we have our own song to it. all the business people begged us to change it but we couldn’t bring ourselves to change it. we did what was best for the song and our fans just let it be what it was intended to be, two guys vibing to one of their favorite riffs of all time.”

Although a relatively new group, the two are far from unfamiliar with the scene, having worked and collaborated with artists such as Skrillex and electronic music producer and fellow Mind of a Genius label member ZHU. With backgrounds in song-writing and producing, it comes as no surprise that the two perform equally as well in the front seat – and we can’t wait to see what other tricks they’ve got up their sleeve. Give ‘Rather Die’ a listen below;